• Projects


    1. Gohardasht (My Life time project since 2003)
      Project Name: “Gohardasht Social network
      Description: Persian social network available in 8 different language which has around half a million members and it is very successful in Iran. This website contains more than 100 million lines of codes which I wrote them in ASP and JavaScript. Accessible via www.gohardasht.ir.
    2. Gegli
      Project Name: “gegli.com
      Description: international version of gohardasht.ir social network.
    3. MainSystem
      Project Name: “mainsystem.com
      Description: webhosting website.
    4. Ketabezard
      Project Name: “Ketabezard.com
      Description: Advertisement website in Persian.
    5. BaxBlog
      Project Name: “baxblog.com ”
      Description: Persian weblog service.
    6. Other web projects
      Project Name: “…”
      Description: more than 20 projects which I wrote for other people for personal of commercial use.


    1. Taha kosar information technology

    Managing director – from Aug 2006 to Aug 2013.


    1. Gohardasht System

    Chairman of board of directors – from July 2008 to Jan 2012.


    Building, developing and advertising different websites and web services. (Specially a social network website). Teaching novice developers concepts and solutions.


    Responsibility and achievements:


    • Managing over 10 employees.
    • Adding new products and services.
    • Building strong connection to similar companies to increase credibility.
    • Implementing mind blowing customer service.
    • Utilizing modern money saving methods such as virtual servers.
    • Triple company sales over 4 years.
    • Training novice developers to become professionals.



    1. Ministry of education of third district of Karaj

    Referee of 16th  Kharazmi youth Festival in Alborz province, June 2014.